1,000 never before seen images
One Holly Sonders NFT gives access to:
Exclusive lifetime membership to Holly’s NFT community
One album of 100 unreleased photos, $5,000-$10,000 value!
15 minute exclusive AMA Zoom for NFT holders
Golf Day with Holly prize-draw ($2k of travel expenses paid)
NFT Holders get Early Access to future drops
"Holly KandyKrush" game access
..and much, more more!
Tip: Collect all 10 albums to get all 1000 unreleased photos!
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about holly
Fueled by the motto “Girls can be sexy and smart,” Former FOX Sports broadcaster and professional golfer Holly Sonders is not just another beauty behind the brawn. Over the last few years, she has built her own multi-million-dollar empire comprised of fashion endorsements from some of the world’s most recognized brands including Vixen, Balmain and Ambush as well as online modeling.

A staple in the world of sports broadcasting, you might recognize Holly from her time at NBC (golf channel) and Fox Sports where she covered golf, pro and college football, and NCAA basketball on network TV for the past ten years.
With a strong social media following, Holly gives her followers a look into her strict fitness and beauty routine that she uses to maintain her toned body.

Holly is a huge advocate and promoter of self-care with an extensive knowledge of skincare, diet, supplements and nutrition which she feels can reverse the clock of aging. She loves to help men and women look and feel their best at any age with the highest quality products and care.

Now, Holly’s tackling her next venture - NFTs! She’s continuing her Empowering Women movement and jumping into NFTs head first. She’s teamed up with NFT industry leader, Creatify, to launch 10,000 sexy and unique NFTs, that unlock 1000 more unreleased photos, AMA video sessions, a day of golf with Holly, Holly KandyKrush video game, and much more!
how to participate
1. install a wallet
To get a Holly NFT, you'll first need a crypto wallet. We recommend MetaMask. It's free to download as a browser extension on Chrome, Brave, FireFox, Edge, iOS and Android.

Download MetaMask (here) and press 'Download Now' to install it as a browser extension. Once MetaMask is installed, you will see the Metamask Fox logo in your browser. Click on the Metamask logo and begin the setup process.

During setup, you'll be given a seed phrase, 12 words that you'll need to write down (on paper!) and store safely. Never share your seed phrase with anyone!

Once you have complete setup, it's time to get some Ether! Ether is a cryptocurrency you'll need to buy a Holly NFT.

2. get some ether
It's time to buy some Ether! Click the Buy button in MetaMask, and follow the prompts. We recommend you do this before launch day as it can take a while to complete!

Got some Ether? You're all set. On launch day, you just need to click the Mint NFT button to begin.
launch is now live
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